Real estate company Brookfield Properties wanted to design a new inspiring environment for tenants and their employees in #NewYork City.

 Brookfield understood how important it was to provide multiple collaboration and meeting spaces to accommodate these numbers.

They created a custom-designed workspace called SPACE+ with residential vibes featuring a beautiful combination of luxurious finishes, calming colors and organic textures.

 The workspace includes a plethora of different space settings providing employees with a huge amount of choice, from breakout spaces to collaboration areas, focus booths and other valuable amenities.

 Spacestor Residence Work booths, finished in natural lacquered plywood, provide a dedicated quiet space to escape the buzz. The Railway Carriage, built into the wood paneling, acts as an ideas hub for collaboration as well as a relaxed space for socializing or networking.

 The high ceilings and excellent light and views give the space a unique aura. Brookfield’s SPACE+ at 225 Liberty Street is an accurate representation of their high-quality and sustainable real estate.

 What do you think of this project? Read more about it here:

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