Many companies are facing the same problem of attracting and retaining top talent, and it’s becoming increasingly competitive. How do you create a destination workplace and use design to help build careers? In answer to this growing challenge, workspaces need to be tech-enabled, future-proof and most important of all, people need to be at the heart of the design. Personalising the employee’s workspace gives a sense of individuality and adds to a human-centric design. So, find the perfect solution in the HotLocker Agile system. This system provides tech-enabled personal storage spaces which, as its name suggests, are suited to the agile workers of today. Allocated on an individual basis, staff can assign themselves a locker for a day’s work using their phone and a central self-service terminal. If you have multiple offices, you can provide lockers for your staff across different locations with the integrated system. And that’s not all, this system also has the ability to see who’s working alongside who, based on the locker audit trail. Available in a huge variety of sizes and finishes, these lockers are highly customizable and suited to any interior, taking personal storage to a whole new level.

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